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Buggered: Pages 1-2 (Progress)

Hot off the press! I'm starting to play a bit more with textures and patterns to liven up otherwise boring backgrounds. I'm getting a little bit faster when it comes to greytoning as well. Even though it's Friday I will try and get one more page uploaded tonight. Hoocha!

Fwd (finals)

A nice and easy one pager. My eyes hurt. I've almost finished page 1 of "Bugger" so that'll go up tomorrow. Any comments are welcome!

"Date?" - Page 5 progress

This page was a tough one. The stadium crowd in the last panel in particular was troublesome, but in the end I was pretty happy with the way it turned out. The guy catching the ball in panel 3 was also a struggle, and I wasn't sure how to draw in the speedlines (ended up doing them straight in photoshop). With so many tough bits I guess that's why it explains why it took so long to update ha ha. Ah well, 2 more pages to go!

"Date?" - Page 2 progress

It is now 12:46AM on a Monday morning, but dammit - I promised that I would post another page so here it is. I'm actually getting to the tricky parts of the "Date?" story - parts that I'd put off and figured I'd deal with it at a later stage. Unfortunately that later stage is now, and it's time for me to suck it up and painstakingly draw these tricky background details. As a result the rest of the pages for the story might be a bit more slow coming.

Page 2 was pretty straight forward though, with not many changes between the penciling stage and inking/toning. Any comments please post, it's lonely out here!

Little Brown Lie page 3 (progress)

As promised, here is the final page from "Little Brown Lie". I have to go back at a later point and fix some of the wording (I still find parts a bit clumsy), and of course hand letter it. But on the whole, I'm pretty happy with it, especially when you compare the earlier penciled pages to how it looks now. I've got out of town visitors this weekend so my productivity will be a bit down, but I will try and post another page by Sunday night.

Little Brown Lie page 2 (progress)

Page 2 of "Little Brown Lie", page 3 will be up on Monday or Tuesday night. I've just got one panel to go. Enjoy!

"Date?" - Page 4 progress

I was planning to post the next couple pages of "Little Brown Lie" this weekend, but I forgot to print out reference shots from work to finish off page 2. So instead this weekend I've been working on pages from "Date?" the roughs which I posted many many months ago. I'm about to go out for a few hours but when I return home tonight, I'll probably draw/grey tone another page. So I might be able to post another page tomorrow night...

So this is page 4 of "Date?" - I know it's a bit random not to start with page 1, but I've been struggling with the backgrounds with the first page. Anyway page 4 turned out pretty well, I was having MAJOR issues with panel 3, but I think in the end things turned out boss. It seems to be a recurring theme when I get a bit lazy with the roughs with tricky panels, that I end up paying the price at the inking stage. Anyway, enjoy!

Little Brown Lie page 1 (progress)

Wow, so I haven't updated this blog in 7 months. Uhh sorry about that.

A few weeks ago I went to Japan for a holiday. I caught an awesome Osamu Tezuka exhibition and attended an independent comics convention with my good comics buddy Dan. At the time I was thinking, man I can't wait to go back home and draw comics. And somehow, the inspiration actually lasted when I returned! So for the last couple of weeks my comics productivity has been through the roof! (By my standards anyway.) I've been working on a new 3 pager called "Little Brown Lie" as well as going back and lightboxing old pages to get them at a more finished level.

Anyway here are some in progress shots of the first page of "Little Brown Lie", I've actually finished inking the 3rd page, and just have to go back and finish drawing a couple panels on page 2, and then that'll be ready for inking as well. I have a pretty quiet weekend lined up, so who knows I might even finish toning the entire piece in time for Monday. If I do, I'll post it here. Oh yeah, I'm not entirely satisfied with the text so I'm still chipping. But when I finally work out the exact wording, I plan on hand lettering it in. Let me know what you think.

"Cassanova" script


Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. Part of the reason was I had to move apartments, then I was on holidays in Sydney, and while in Sydney my laptop died! Now that I'm back in Singapore with a new laptop, I don't have photoshop on the new machine. Also, after a period of not making comics, it's hard to get back into it. I need to keep the momentum going...

Anyway I finally managed to write a new story, I haven't broken it down yet but it will be 2-3 pages. After this I'm going to get some dinner, and I'm going to try and pencil this before I go to bed. But again, since I don't have photoshop, I'm not going to be able to lay it out and hence post any pages for a while...

Anyway sorry for the delays, hopefully things will get back on track soon. Thanks for sticking with me!


One night Dave Cheung (who was visiting from Sydney) and I went clubbing at Butter. After some serious hip hop dancing, I went to the bar and ordered us some drinks. As I waited for my change, a few hot girls that we’d noticed earlier came up and did some shots. I made some chit chat with one of the girls. “So what’re you supposed to do?” “He wants me dip my fingers into the alcohol, drink the shot and then he will light my fingers on fire before I stick it in my mouth.” “WHOA!”

We joked around a bit but after a minute into our flirtation my stomach started to grumble. I fought it as much as I could, but there was no denying it, I had to go “bake some brownies”.

I casually said goodbye to the hot babe, figuring that the club wasn’t that big and that I could always find her again later. “See you around.” And besides, everyone knows that one of the golden rules of flirting is to always leave them wanting more.

So I went to the bathroom and I did my poo. It was awesome. But when I got back they were gone. Dave and I searched around for a while longer, but it was no use.


NOTES: I'm not sure if I should end it with "Shit!", or if it should be something like "but hey, shit happens." What do you think?

Faithfully yours,
David Tang

"Buggered" Pages 4-5 pencils

As promised here are pages 4-5 of "Buggered". I didn't think I was going to make it, last night I went out pretty late and I didn't end up waking up today until 11AM. And then I had a couple errands to run, which both ended up taking longer than I expected. I didn't actually get down to the business of drawing til 6:00PM. I forced myself to pencil page 4 during and after dinner (I had Carl Jr's mmm...), I wouldn't let myself leave until I finished. And then came home drew page 5, scanned it in and viola! Sometimes I find it easier to draw away from home, since it means I'm away from my computer and all the temptations to procrastinate that come with it.

Even though it's almost 1AM now, I'm glad that I managed to get the two pages done. My favourite is page 4 panel 6, I think it's really well drawn. Right now I don't have any plans for Friday night, so unless that changes - I will be posting a single page then. Definitely I will get two more pages done by the end of Sunday though. Thanks for reading, and please leave comments. It gets lonely here!